Duration ofhunting seasons

What to know

Different periods for different preys

  • Stalking: you can hunt wild boars all year round (with riffle or bow).
  • Small game with pointer dogs: from March to October.
  • Battues: from beginning of June to end of September.
  • Antlered males: from beginning of June to end of November and the best time for a special trophy is during the mating period, from mid July to end of August.

Explore withThe hunting guide

Hunting guide in Mauritius

Julien Desvaux de Marigny

  • Profession: Hunting Manager of the Domaine de Grande Rivière-Noire.
  • Age: 39.
  • Experience: Hunting coordinator for more than 15 years. Guided more than 400 clients on the nicest hunting grounds in Mauritius.

Gears andEquipement

Everything you need

at your disposition

  • Calibres used: .243, .270, .308, .30 06
  • Models: Sayer 202 and Mannlicher
  • Specs: Zeiss et Swarovski